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Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy

A review I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Let me give you a little backstory. The morning after a long night of hydration (yes dad it was water), I started my journey to find salvation (espresso). During my walk on this brisk January morning, something drew me to Jimmy’s coffee, more specifically the Jimmy’s coffee at Adelaide and Portland. I can’t explain what drew me to this coffee shop as opposed to any other, maybe it was bright yellow sign, maybe it the espresso smell lingering in the air, maybe it was the fact that it was on the way to my friend’s house, I guess we will never know. Anyways, an oat latte from Jimmy himself was exactly what I needed. Overall, the experience was great. The barista was friendly, the oat latte was creamy and the inside was a whole vibe – will definitely be checking this place out again in the summer. I know that the Depresso gang might be a bit skeptical considering Jimmy’s is a chain, but this is a chain worth checking out.

p.s. when you go, you can mention that we sent you and they’ll definitely give you a drink you won’t forget.

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