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8th Wonder of the World

Although it is less than ideal that the lockdown is back, it has definitely forced the creative juices to start flowing. I say this because usually a typical Sunday morning would involve me rolling out of bed and vegging on the couch until Scott Hanson would utter that sweet sweet sentence of “7 hours commercial free football.” Anyways, this Sunday was not like others. The night before the idea of going and doing something outdoorsy sounded like a great idea. With minimal planning and reading a few google reviews, an unlikely group decided to travel to Hamilton, Ontario.

For those of you not familiar with the 8th wonder of the world, the Chedoke Escarpment Stairs is 289 steps of pure bliss. You might be thinking only 289 stairs… what kind of view could you even get from that? I wish I could describe a better feeling than battling your way up every step, overcoming the treacherous 5 minutes hike and ending up with a view of a neighbourhood street. It was a once in a lifetime moment that has shaped my future forever.

After realizing that we completely underestimated the journey we were embarking on, we decided to make the most of this trip and go to Niagara on the Lake. Considering it was cold and not very busy, the town still gave off the impression that it would be a great destination during the summer. Whether it be the vineyards, or the small family run shops, I could see why people decide to retire and settle down here. Deserving of a snack after burning all those calories from the hike, we turned to Budapest Bakeshop to provide some extravagant chimney sausages. This was the perfect snack before conquering a buffalo chicken sandwich from Harvey’s.

By the time we made it back to the our humble abode, it was time to watch some football. We looked back on a morning where we had successfully climbed 289 stairs of pure beauty, enjoyed a to die for chimney sausage, a mouth-watering buffalo chicken sandwich, blew a couple stop signs and went through a red light when it was an advanced green. Overall, it was a successful Sunday morning lockdown trip and an adventure nonetheless.

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surprised we made it back alive tbh...

at least i got to break my fast with a Timbieb


I suspect that this treat is the 8th wonder if the world you were talking about….


OMG, that chimney sausage looks amazing! How come I have never heard of this delicacy? Is it a southern Ontario specialty??

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